Our work

Welcome to IELA, the Inclusion and Equity Leadership Association!

IELA was launched in September 2024 as a professional association for schools, organisations and staff committed to inclusion and equity.

IELA is part of the BSA Group, a family of five other associations in the education, safeguarding and health/wellbeing sectors with more than 1,600 members in 40 countries. These include the Boarding Schools’ Association, the leading association for boarding schools, with over 600 members worldwide.

BSA Group’s commitment to equity and inclusion has always been evident and is a consistent feature throughout all our associations. The diversity of its members as well as the diversity of the young people our schools look after is vast. Inclusion in all its form has been a key focus both within the group, its members and the societies we live in.

IELA supports excellence in equity and inclusion work and actively advocates for change through training, resources, networking and consultancy work.


IELA represents all educational settings, including independent and state schools, colleges and universities, charities, organisations, corporate companies and businesses in the UK and world-wide.

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